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Emi is a stand up comedian, writer, and hobbiest pie-maker living in Brooklyn who enjoys performing at Gotham Comedy Club, and other mics and clubs in and around New York City. She has enjoyed opening underground comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Gaffigan. 

She likes puppies and performing comedy, but sometimes the world is exhausting and she just wants to rewatch Brooklyn 99 or Broad City for the millionth time.

Follow Emi on Twitter @get2cue & Instagram @themusiccompany

Lead Writer

Emi Dammers

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Kathy Fleig has been a writer every since she was six, when she wrote songs about how awesome her dad was. More recently she’s written everything from legal memos to feature length screenplays, a personal essay she read on public radio to a children’s book about an adorable rat. Her script for A Moment in Time  - the Short Film she produced and directed - made it to the semi-finals at the 2018 Austin Film Festival, dubbed by the good people of AFF as “The Writer’s Festival.” 

Kathy must be at least part wizard - probably from her awesome father’s side - because she’s had lots of careers in lots of lifetimes so far; shoe model, working actor, mom, attorney, writer-producer-director, set decorator, and school board member, to name but a few. Unfortunately, she’s yet to find the perfect incantation to get HBO or Netflix to buy her pilot script for Major Renovation, a show loosely based on her experience of working on herself and a dilapidated house in the country. 

As Timothy Leary famously said “Any reality is an opinion. We make up our own reality”  Kathy’s thrilled to help promote the reality of this podcast. 


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Kathy Fleig

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Jonathan Lu is thrilled to write for wizazon. He's a huge fan of fantasy genres, especially Harry Potter. He writes a lot of his notes with his Hufflepuff pen that he bought at Kings Cross (really). He is addicted easily, especially to Asian pastries.

Contributing Blogger

Jonathan Lu

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Do you have a thing for #Whisperspiracies? Anyone is welcome to join our writing team as a blogger--just send us something about Wizards that we can publish and you get a byline and author bio on every article, plus after writing a few articles you can have your bio on this magical page. 

Which looks impressive for resumes or something

So impressive that Wizazon's writing team would probably also invite you to join a writing session for the show! 

Feel free to send us pitches, queries, ideas, or whatever to wizazonpodcast@gmail.com

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